Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Capture Good Low Light Photography Even Without a Tripod

As a travel photographer, the size and weight of the equipment you carry around are very important.So, each equipment has to have an essential role in your photography to have a space in your pack.One of the most important tools used by photographers, but takes a lot of weight and space is the tripod. But a tripod is only useful when you can’t find a way to stabilize your photos, especially during low light.

Here are two ways on how to pull off low light photography even without a tripod:

Use a wide aperture

Because you’re going to handhold your camera in low light, you’ll have to work with a wide aperture, a high ISO, or both. Often, photographers opt for smaller aperture lens to maximize depth of field, but that isn’t practical for low light situations. Use your camera’s widest aperture, to get the most out of the available light, and focus on the most important picture in the frame.

Use image stabilization

A slower shutter speed allows you to get more light to come in the lens but restricts your movement in the process because a little movement will make your image blurry. If your lens has image stabilization, you can adjust the value of your shutter speed two to three stops slower than the recommended setting before it gets blurry. This flexibility makes a big difference in low light situations.

The name’s Keith W. Springer. I’m a retired photographer from New York City. I currently travel with my wife, Laura, to photograph national parks around the country. Visit my blog to know more.

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