Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Capturing The Beauty Of Central Park Through The Lens

A visit to Manhattan is never complete without taking a stroll in Central Park, the most visited urban park in the country with tens of millions of visitors yearly and one of the most filmed locations in the world.  Taking photographs in Central Park may not be a walk in the park at first, but these few tips can be a big help to those who want to try it.
Shoot portraits

The park is the perfect backdrop for portraits.  And if a photographer does not have a companion to use as a subject, there are plenty other people in the area.  Just remember to give performers or artists a tip and ask permission from parents before taking pictures of their children. 

Image source: telegraph.co.uk

Include the NY skyline 

The city skyline provides an excellent backdrop, too.  It provides a photographer the opportunity to practice with the camera’s focus settings.  Also, since Central Park has serene bodies of water, great reflections of the skyline can be taken in various locations.   

Stay late

Open until 1 o’ clock in the morning, the park transforms into a mysterious place during the night.  With enough illumination along the pathways and the passages, it provides another angle of the park for photographers.  

Image source: aponderingmind.org

Obey the rules

Central Park is easily accessible to film productions and photographers, whether professional or amateur.  But to protect the park, along with its visitors, structures, and flora and fauna, these guidelines must be adhered to.  

Hi there, I’m Keith W. Springer.  I used to work as an event photographer, covering events in the socials circles of New York.  Now, I enjoy nature photography, which brings me to different parks in this state and beyond.  If you are looking to discuss photography, connect with me on Google+.