Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Branch out! Industry goes to comedy wildlife photography

Who says that photography can’t be fun?

There is tremendous pressure placed on photographers to achieve that perfect shot. Images and dreams of worldwide fame and countless accolades fill the heads of hundreds of individuals. The task is made even more unbearable by the fact that technology makes it easier. Anyone with a smart phone can now take a beautiful photo; definition and clarity are no longer issues. This has driven competition to the extreme.

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While competition is healthy to a certain degree, many photographers are seeing a change in how this hobby is viewed. There is a lack of focus on what photography truly means.

What writers do with words, photographers do with pictures. It is an act of telling a story. What differentiates photography from other hobbies is that it is limited in chances. That is, photographers have only one chance to tell a story. It is that one shot. This compels people to perfection but it should never be forgotten that perfection is not something that is achieved immediately. It is a process that takes years of practice. Furthermore, the definition of what is "perfect" in art is a misnomer.

That is why many experts in the industry are pushing for a lighter, more fun mood in photography. Individuals are asked to remove themselves from the competitive world and immerse themselves in photography itself. This stance has created several competitions, such as the comedy wildlife photography contest. Photographers are asked to hone their skills in nature photography and show the funnier side of the animal world.

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These genres are slowly gaining traction; viewers are appreciating the easy feel of the pictures. That being said, this is still a relatively small market. It is hoped that this will grow in popularity.

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