Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Shooting In The Snow? Here Are Some Tips

Winter won’t seem to leave New York. It’s probably the longest season, and every year, New Yorkers battle the cold for three to five months. While coping with the cold can be tiring for many, the season can be a great opportunity to take photos outdoors. If you’re new to photography and want to try shooting in the snow, here are some tips for you.

Image source: telegraph.co.uk
Create a sense of darkness and menace by capturing images at night

While snow brings good memories like riding the sleigh or building a snowman, it can also have a dark counterpart. Tree branches, snowflakes, and streetlights can look like something else when taking photos at night. That’s because when the light goes down, the contrast between the environment and the white snow is emphasized. It will certainly be a different take on how people perceive snow.

Use a white vignette for your images

What’s a vignette for? Its purpose is to keep your audience’s eyes glued to the focus of the image. Because winter means a lot of whites and grays, using a traditional black vignette won’t complement the picture. White vignettes add quality to the image, as it can enhance the colors of the frame.

Image source: news.com.au
Turn on HDR

Not a lot of photo enthusiasts use the HDR, but it actually adds texture, shadows, and feel to the picture’s quality—especially in black and white scenes.

I’m Keith W. Springer, a retired photographer living in New York City. Visit this blog for more on event and outdoor photography .